Our Culture

Core values of Jiangsu Guotai

Diligence. Intelligence. Prudence. Harmony

Diligence is our typical individuality.

Intelligence is our root of creation.

Prudence is our security of development.

Harmony is our goal of develop.

Principles for Employees of Jiangsu Guotai

Diligence: Be industrious at first,doing things diligently

Intelligence: Do things wisely, grasping the way to success.

Prudence: Prudence is our attitude and principle.

Harmony: Harmony is our judgment of efficiency and the goal of management.

Important ideas of Jiangsu Guota

Ideas of Service: Honesty, Efficiency, Satisfaction.

Ideas of Talents: Talents are the initial resource, employees are the initial capital.

Ideas of Team: Unite with honesty and grow up together.

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